Accessibility Guide for 2018 Fest


Omaha Zine Fest’s goal is to create an event that works for everyone regardless of race, sexual orientation, gender, physicality, disability, age, religion, or otherwise. We also have to balance that goal with limited fiscal resources and an entirely volunteer workforce! We hope you find this guide useful, and we are always open to any discussion or suggestions regarding how we can better accommodate our attendees.

Omaha Zine Fest organizers and volunteers can be identified by the brightly colored buttons on their shirts!


  • Accessible parking is available on the south and north side of the building.

  • The northern door is ADA accessible.

  • Ample street and lot parking is also available. Lots available for OZF are indicated in red. All street parking is also available.

Here's a map of parking the day of. Blue indicates ADA accessible entrance and parking. There is also ADA accessible parking on the South side of the building. 

Here's a map of parking the day of. Blue indicates ADA accessible entrance and parking. There is also ADA accessible parking on the South side of the building. 

Physical Accessibility

  • All of the zine fest tablers will be located on the main floor of The Union.

  • Workshops will be located on the basement level of The Union.

  • There is an elevator in the center of The Union across from the bathrooms. The elevator is only usable with a key fob, but there will be an attendant to help you! If no one is around to use the elevator, feel free to grab a volunteer at the front welcome table located by the 24th Street Entrance.

  • Wheelchair/scooter space will be available during workshops.

  • The aisles between the tables will be spaced at minimum 32” apart from each other.

  • We might have to move things around, so the vendor tables may look a little different day-of!


  • All restrooms in The Union for Contemporary Art will be gender neutral.

  • The bathroom on the main floor is located in the center hallway of The Union. There is an accessible stall in both bathrooms.  

  • There are also bathrooms available in the basement of The Union, but they are intended for children so they are smaller!


  • The patio will be open. The patio entrance/exit is flush to the ground with no stairs.

  • A quiet area is located in the front conference room, next to the main entrance. There will be a zine library available for you to browse in the quiet area.

  • There is limited seating located throughout the venue, with more concentrated seating areas located next to the front desk as well as in the front conference room.


  • Free coffee will be provided all day from Muglife Coffee!

  • Fauxmaha Hot Dogs will also be at the fest from noon until their supplies run out! Their hot dogs are vegan. More information about the company is available at If you have any specific questions regarding dietary needs, please contact Fauxmaha Hot Dogs for more details!

  • Omaha Eggrolls will also be on the premises selling lumpia. For more information on their company visit

  • There are several other restaurants around the area that have food! If you want some recommendations, OZF staff would be happy to help.

  • A water fountain is located directly outside the upstairs restrooms.


  • No childcare will be provided, however...

  • Feel free to bring your kiddos! OZF will be child-friendly.

  • Some workshops may contain some adult content – sit in at your own discretion!

  • The organizers are unable to preview all of the exhibitors’ materials before the event. If you see anything that violates the safer spaces policy, please grab an OZF volunteer!


  • Workshop teachers will be speaking without amplification. If amplification is required, please locate an organizer by visiting the welcome table.

  • No mandatory transcription or interpretation is planned.

  • A first aid kit is on the premises. If needed, please contact a member of the OZF staff. Some OZF staff are CPR and first aid trained!

  • Service animals are welcome. Due to allergies and general gallery rules, please don’t bring pets!

  • OZF is not responsible for any lost or stolen goods!

In addition, the OZF safer spaces policy will be in effect for the entirety of the fest. Disrespectful behavior in any form will not be tolerated and offenders will be asked to leave without refund of their fee. Again, if you need us, Omaha Zine Fest coordinators and volunteers can be identified by the brightly colored pin on their shirt.