Workshop Schedule 2019

11 a.m. - Know Your Rights with Ally Hubbard

You have rights! This workshop focuses on rights in two main areas: dealing with police and rights in employment settings. We will cover what rights you have during a traffic stop, when police visit your home, or when you have encounters with police on the street. We will also cover exceptions to at will employment and your rights in the workplace. This interactive presentation can include any of your questions on other constitutional issues as well.   

Noon - Why Abolition and Why Now? with Dominique Morgan, the National Director of Black and Pink

In this workshop, Morgan will unpack basic tenants of prison abolition and explain why these tactics are necessary for the community we want to have. Black and Pink is a national organization, designed to support folks who are LGBTQ and incarcerated.

1 p.m. - Around the World with Spices with Artistic Nomads

In this workshop attendees will learn the history and archaic uses of the most common spices in our cupboards today. Artistic Nomads will pass out samples of the spices for the attendees to handle and discuss their uses. We will talk about the more modern uses and how to apply the spices in cooking.

2 p.m. - Making Tiny Art Books with ZWIAN

ZWIAN is a local artist who since mid December 2018 has made over 100 hundred unique zines in his series "ZWIAN's tiny art book" He'll explain why he makes them and you'll get to join in and make your very own tiny art book. Materials will be provided

3 p.m. - don't call it a comeback: "low budget" zines and you with r. logios and julia eff

despite what some big-time news outlets would have you believe, zines never went anywhere and are still alive and thriving and relevant well into the 21st century. join julia eff and r. logios as they share their 30 years of combined zine experience in this informal talk all about so-called "low budget" zines. dip into some zine history, explore the function of zines (yes, even in the a digital age!), and pick up ideas and tips for making your own zines at little cost.

4 p.m. - Asset Mapping for Beginners: Using a Strengths-Based Approach to Identify Community Resources with Laura Kozak, LMSW

Want to do good in your neighborhood? Making an asset map is a great place to start! Asset mapping is a key component of the Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) model. It's also a fun, interactive way to see your community with fresh eyes. No experience needed! Key components of the ABCD model will be addressed and attendees will learn about different tools available to create their own map.